The request for care can come from the person concerned, their family, their GP or the hospital. However, a medical prescription is necessary for nursing care and hygiene and comfort services.

We take charge of a situation within 24 hours, providing we receive the request before 4pm. In emergencies, (antibiotic treatment, injections, etc.) patients can access care within 6 hours.

For the first visit, a nurse will visit the patient’s home for about 60 minutes to get to know them. She will gather information on their life story and medical history, their habits, where they live and administrative details. This means she can assess the patient’s care needs.


We work with nurses, ASSCs, care and nursing assistants. We also have an administrative team taking care of secretarial work, human resources and invoicing.

We provide basic health and hygiene care but also more technical care. For more details on our services, click here.


From 6pm until 9pm an on-call nurse will answer your calls. After this time we advise you to call the on-call doctor at 0848 133 133 or in an emergency 144.

If you are going on holiday, if you are going into hospital or going on a short break, it’s best to let us know as soon as possible so that we can cancel visits in your absence and arrange them again for when you get back home.

We really appreciate our patients planning ahead as much as possible and ask you to make other appointments outside our visiting times. When this is not possible we ask you to let us know at least 48 hours in advance at 021 965 15 15. Failure to do so may mean that we will have to charge for the time planned for our visit unless justification of exceptional circumstances can be provided.

When we first visit patients, we find a time that best suits them and fits in with their life and routines. After this, we try as much as possible to keep to the time arranged.

Our philosophy is to limit the number of carers at your home (4 to 5 persons) to create a sense of trust and so that they can get to know you. However, the realm of care is unpredictable and we have to be flexible, both in terms of the patient’s situation (hospitalisation, cancellation, absences, or new patients) and of employees (holidays, illness, employee starting or leaving). This naturally brings about changes in our planning but we do our utmost to keep the impact this has on patients to a minimum.

Sometimes we just can’t get on with a certain person. If you are having problems with a carer, you can call the office at 021 965 15 15 or fill in the complaints form in your file at home. We will take the necessary steps.

A carer may be held up with a patient or caught in traffic, causing them to be late. Times can therefore vary by around 30 minutes, depending on the visits planned for the day. If your carer hasn’t arrived 30 minutes after the agreed time, you can call the office at 021 965 15 15 so that we can take immediate action.

Generally speaking, the time of visits is discussed and agreed when we first discuss the care plan. As our planning is subject to frequent changes due to the unpredictable nature of our work, we don’t send care plans to our patients. However, we are always available to inform you over the phone about the carer and the time of their visit.

We work with many healthcare partners. If you need a Sécutel (safety alarm) or medical aids (walking frame, electric bed, etc.) we will gladly help you to choose the right equipment for you and your budget.

As transport costs are not covered by the LAMal health insurance, we will be happy to provide you with the contact numbers of voluntary transport organisations. Our partner, Solutions Plus, can also make you an offer.


Although Soins Riviera is a private company, our patients do not need to have private insurance or to have complementary insurance to benefit from our care. The care we provide is covered by the basic LAM insurance and everyone can use it.

Provided your doctor made the request, your health insurance will cover the costs of this initial assessment and the resulting care.

The costs of care (see under services) are covered by the LAMal if they were prescribed by the GP.

Your GP signs a prescription (HIBO care request) with the envisaged care, which we then send to your health insurance company. Every month, we send an invoice of services rendered to your health insurance company who then invoice you for the retention fee or deductible owing.

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