According to the Health Insurance Act (LAMal), care prescribed by a doctor and the assessment of this care are covered by health insurance. These services are subject to cost sharing, i.e. the deductible and retention fee.

LAMal rates are comprised of three types of services. They are the same throughout Switzerland and refer to the Health insurance benefits ordinance, HIBO:

LAMal rates 2019

  • Assessment, advice, coordination
    CHF 79,80 / hour
  • Examinations, treatments
    CHF 65,40 / hour
  • Basic care
    CHF 54,60 / hour

These care services are covered completely by the patient’s basic health insurance (excl. deductible and retention fee). Soins Riviera will not ask for any reimbursement or cost participation.

Services to be reimbursed are charged by 5- minute units. A minimum of 10 minutes are reimbursed (Art. 7a para. 2 HIBO).

The patient will not be charged for our staff’s mileage.

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