We make it a priority to encourage cooperation and communication with the different service providers that make up the health care network. We are pleased to be working with the following organisations:

Medical staff and healthcare professionals

  • Doctors working in medical practices
  • Hospitals /convalescent clinics
  • Clinics
  • Physiotherapists/occupational therapists
  • Mobile palliative care team
  • ParaHelp
  • Haut-Léman healthcare network (RSHL)
  • AS-Forel (ambulance company)
  • Lung league Vaud (LVP)
  • CMS (medical-social centre)
  • Red Cross of Vaud


  • Short-term care centres (CAT)
  • Pharmadom (home care pharmacy)
  • Meditest and Unilabs (medical analysis laboratories)
  • Pharmacies
  • Clarens pharmacy (medical aids)

Education and training

  • HES-SO – University of applied sciences W. Switzerland
  • ESSC


  • Zaala
  • Medical Link Services
  • Evolink
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